• "A man born in the Lands of Rome, Jaisalmer, Egypt and Patiala is a Royal spirit personified. It is where the royal soul´s reside." It´s a perfect place to experience raw Indian culture & traditions.

  • "One of the most visited states in India, named as the one of the 10 paradises on earth. Kerala´s culture and traditions combined with its unique landscape make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

  • Literally meaning "Adobe of Dharma", is the present residence of Dalai Lama of Tibet. The numerous Meditation and yoga, temples and Ashram´s give Dharamsala its unique Aura, attracting travelers from world over.

  • "Holy City in the Lap of the Himalayas. It is believed that Meditation in Rishikesh brings one closer to attainment of moksha, as does a dip in the holy river Ganges that flows through it.

  • "Capital of the Kingdom of Ladakh : Famous for its Arid Mountainous landscape and the preserved Buddhist cultural and spiritual traditions. One of the last civilizations to come in contact with the modern world.

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Our Volunteering in India programs are experiences rather than just placements. Our Volunteering Programs are a unique combination of affordable and meaningful projects coupled with cultural immersion and are an opportunity to see India through it various spiritual traditions. India is a country favored by most volunteers for having a productive gap year. For volunteer work abroad, India is among the preferred destinations in the world.

When you volunteer in India through us you receive quality volunteering experience, great support network and a chance to really feel the Indian pulse. A majority of our Volunteers use our programs as a stepping-stone into India. With our incredible volunteer opportunities in India, you will definitely get a chance to make a difference in the lives of the local communities in need and be a part of their success story.
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All our projects are tailor made to create an experience for its participants from abroad. We believe its not just about volunteering in India but about experiencing her. Our volunteering projects are available all throughout the year and cater to wide range of interests. Volunteering with our programs will leave you with a sense of self satisfaction and good doing that will last a lifetime. For making the best of your gap year, India is the ideal country.

We can offer you a set project or given your individual goals, can assist you in developing your own personal volunteer experience. We pride ourselves in offering our projects in some of the most thrilling places in the country making sure that our participants get the most unique volunteering in India experience. All our projects have been carefully chosen after assessing the impact our volunteers can make.
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When Dreams Become Reality
Posted: 03 Dec 2013

I was 18 and stuck in the suburbs, holding on to a dream that had haunted me everyday: a dream to live in India. I’ve been stuck in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life. Always feeling like I was different, an outcast to my peers because my ideas of a successful life never followed the standard