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Volunteer in India Volunteer in India | More than Just Volunteering
  • Volunteer in Dharamsala
    A unique program that is designed to let its participants work closely with Tibetan refugees in Exile and help them settle in modern life in India. Tibetan refugees flee their home country in search of a better life in India but due to limited exposure face issues settling in. Volunteers mostly help with teaching English and computers to Tibetan monks, nuns, and adults via group and one-on-one classes.
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  • Volunteer in Rishikesh
    As a volunteer, you would be living in an Authentic Yoga ashram in the Rishikesh to experience the Yogic life and learn yoga. You would be undertaking an extensive 3 week Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program which not only exposes you to the true Yogic Practices but also lets you experience the Ashram life. In the later part of the program, volunteers work at schools, Old age Homes and Orphanages to help kids there learn and practice Yoga.
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  • Volunteer in Kerala
    A program to experience the true healing power of nature. To see how Ayurveda is still practiced in rural India in its rawest form, our volunteers are placed at a traditional clinic where they get to work with the medicine man(Vadhiyar). Volunteers not only get to help out with preparing the medicines but also give treatments to local patients. Volunteering at the clinic is combined with Theory lessons that help volunteers build a strong foundation for practical volunteering.
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  • Volunteer in Ladakh
    One of the most challenging programs both mentally and physically as it requires volunteers to live and work in one of the remotest regions of the world, Ladakh. Volunteers are required to work unassisted in remote monasteries and villages that are inaccessible by roads. As a volunteer, you would be working with Nuns and help them with teaching English, teaching women hygiene, teaching vocational skills, etc.
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Volunteer in India

Ever wanted to experience India in its most raw form, immerse yourself in India’s 10000 year old cultural and spiritual heritage? Not just work for a social cause to help the local communities in need but experience a new way of life. A program that enables you to get up close not only to new culture but also gives you a new perspective towards your own life. You have come to the right place. Our programs are not just placements but meaningful experiences. Experiences that are woven keeping you in mind. Experiences that make sure you are get the most authentic and a holistic taste of India.

Our programs are a combination of learning, cultural lessons and volunteering for a social cause. We feel that as with another developing nation, India too has its fair share of social issues. But we at volunteer in India use volunteering with local communities as a medium to experience their lives, their struggles, their history, there culture and connect with the local community at a deeper level which in turn can fuel a spark to help you get connected to yourself.

All our program have been carefully selected and none of our porgrams are based in any of the metropolitan cities but instead is small cities that hold special cutlural or spritual importance. Your days could be spend learing Yoga at an aashram on the banks of river Ganges in Rishikesh and volunteering to teach Yoga to kids at a school or working with buddhist nuns in Ladakh and teaching them about computers and learn Thanka painting from a monk. In Kerala, you could be preapring medicine from local herbs to heal broken bones and learing pranayam. Everything aspect of our programs are designed to ensure you have an adventure of a lifetime, an enriching expience that lasts with you for a lifetime. Volunteering with us is much more than just volunteering. 

Come, join one of our prorams and let us show you our vibrant world. One billion people cant be wrong.

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