Not-for-Profit promoting Traditional Medicine through responsible volunteering

About Ehsaas

Ehsaas is a Not-for-profit organization based in India with an aim of promoting traditional Medicine through volunteering. Ehsaas is an Urdu word which means “Feelings” or “To feel”. From our name comes our philosophy of “feel to heal”.  Ehsaas was born out of the need of introducing traditional medicine to people across the world through learning and practice. We felt that many people across the world were getting introduced to Ayurveda but only in the form of Oil massages and Detoxification programs. Ayurveda at heart is much more that just getting a relaxing massage. Its a way of life and one can only truly appreciate this way of life is one gets to experience. Not only just personally experience it but also practice it to truly experience what Ayurveda has to offer.

Unlike most volunteering programs that you might have come across, Ehsaas doesn’t leverage on social issues prevalent in India as the reason for getting volunteers to join them. Ehsaas instead wants volunteers to join their program because they want to learn the ancient science and practice the same among the locals to experience how and why people in this part of the world still prefer it over western medicine.

Imagine yourself working at a traditional Medicine clinic in a small village in kerala and helping the “Medicine man” or the Vadhiyar as he is locally know with his daily treatments. Helping the Vadhiyar in picking medical plants and then preparing medical oils from the same. This is what our traditional Medicine volunteering program looks like. Ehsaas started as more of a  regular learning program where in international students would enroll to learn more about the traditional medicine, the science and the theory. Though the program participants found it very interesting it lacked practical application of the science they had learned. We then introduced practical lessons where in students practiced their new learnt skills but we were still not happy as our students weren’t seeing the science been applied in real world scenario, where they would see how traditional medicine been used in its traditional ways could treat ailments. This prompted us to include volunteering as a part of the program where in our students volunteered at a local traditional medicine clinic and see the science in action.

As a volunteer our participants got a chance to deal with real patients and offer them real treatments. See and experience how a Vadhiyar could heal a fracture by using traditional plaster made of wood. How sprains and joint dislocations are not treated by painkiller and pain reliving sprays but rather oil massages and Ayurvedic stretching (Dynamic Streching). How an Vadhiyar diagnoses ailments in his patients only by checking their pulse, seeing the color of there tongue, the texture of their nails etc.


Meet The Team

Partinder Singh

Partinder is an avid traveler and Software engineer by profession. He loves biking in the Himalayas and cooking Butter Chicken. Also the founder of


Karmmy is a passionate reader and a marketing Consultant by profession. He loves reading about spirituality and trekking in the Himalayas.

Program Manager

He is a traditional medicine man, Reiki healer, and martial artist. He is deeply connected to the world within and without, and lives spirituality on a daily basis

Program Coordinator

Vikas has been managing our volunteers since 2010. He has extensive knowledge on various Buddhist and Hindu traditions and loves sharing it with our volunteers.

Feel to Heal

Come be a part of our Program and experience medicinal healing like never before.

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