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About Us

Volunteer in India was started with just one goal in mind; Giving the world the truest and raw taste of India, its culture and its heritage. Our programs are not Volunteering in the strictest of senses but a mixture of volunteering and cultural lessons. India as a country, as a culture has so much to offer that creating programs to sell social issues just didn’t seem right. Rather than coming to volunteer for a social cause, we wanted our volunteers to come to experience India and use the social cause to connect with the locals, the community and get to understand India from a real and a more holistic perspective.

Indian women dressed for the traditional folk dance of Punjab called Giddha

You might come across many programs that are created around the social issues persistent in India like women inequality, illiteracy, etc and how your participation can bring about a big change. Well, to be fairly honest, most of the short term volunteering projects do more harm than good on the local project that you end up working with. Can you imagine teaching a 6-year old English or mathematics in 1 month? But you can definitely teach an adult nun about personal hygiene and menstrual cycles or you can teach a Tibetan refugee adult how to use the internet.

Let’s be frank you are not thinking of coming to India and volunteer because there is a void in the social structure which you can full fill but rather there is a void in you which India can full fill. Deep down there is an emotional need that needs to be sufficed. All our volunteers end up telling us the same thing; we didn’t help anyone, they helped us. After evaluating more than 100 projects across India we only choose 4 projects that are true to our cause. The projects our volunteers work with are carefully structured to ensure that their efforts and time leave a lasting impression and truly make a difference not only in the lives local they are working with but also their own self.

Festival of Colors – Holi

We as an organization believe that short term volunteering programs should not be created because there are projects that need your support but because you as a volunteer you want to make a difference in someone’s life, experience the land called India and more importantly experience yourself. All our programs are designed keeping you in mind. The locations we chose to conduct our volunteering programs, the projects we choose, our local coordinators, the cultural lessons we conduct, the homestays, weekend travels, etc all are dedicated to just one thing; making sure you have the most unique and authentic experience possible. Eg, In Dharamsala, our volunteers live in a Homestay which is just 1km from the HH Dalai Lama’s residence and learn to make Tibetan dumplings from a refugee who walked to India barefoot 15 years ago.

All of us at Volunteer in India have just one thing in Common: Love for India and Volunteer in India is our effort to share the same with you all. Come of India, more than 1 Billion people can’t be wrong 🙂